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11 Episodes

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  • Cheep

    Episode 1

    Cheep is enjoying his playtime with the Beadies and learns to stack the color pyramid toy.

  • Wolfy

    Episode 2

    Wolfy is sailing his paper boat in the stream and then water his blue flowers to help them grow.

  • Foxtail

    Foxtail and the Beadies learn about different body parts; ears, eyes, hands, legs.

  • Meowser

    Meowser and the Beadies learns about musical instruments; the drum, hand bell and flute.

  • Hoppy

    S1 E05 : Hoppy and the Beadies paint a birch tree white so he can be as snowy as the other birch trees.

  • Blocks

    S1 E06 : Cheep and his friends build a tower of blocks together

  • Rain

    S1 E07 : Wolfy and his friends play, sing and dance in the rain together.

  • Hide-and-Seek

    S1 E8 : Foxtail plays hide and seek with the Beadies

  • Rattles

    S1 E09 : Meowser performs for eveyone

  • Grains

    S1 E10 Hoppy helps the birds eat some grains

  • Colorful Blocks

    S1 E11 : Cheep cleans toys with the Beadies