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Adam Wa Mishmish

Adam Wa Mishmish

3 Seasons

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Adam Wa Mishmish
  • The Solar System in Arabic

    Episode 1

    S3 E1 : Ever tried to learn the Solar System in Arabic? Here's a fun and easy way to memorize them. Enjoy a brand new episode of The Solar System with Adam and Mishmish!

  • Numbers in Arabic

    Episode 2

    S3 E2 : Learn the numbers in Arabic from 1 to 10.

  • Animals in Arabic

    Episode 3

    S3 E3 : In this episode, learn the names of animals in the Arabic language with Adam and Mishmish

  • Savanna Animals

    Episode 4

    S3 E4 : Adam Wa Mishmish traveled all the way to Africa today! And they visited the Savanna to explore the land and meet new animals… Is that a lion they see?!

  • Animal Sounds 2

    Episode 5

    S3 E5 : More animal sounds with Adam Wa Mishmish. Pets, farm animals and forest animals.

  • How to Wash Our Hands

    Episode 6

    S3 E6 : In this episode, we make it clear to children that germs and viruses are there, even if we can’t see them with the naked eye. That’s why we have to wash our hands while counting to 20! Let's go wash our hands with Adam and Mishmish.

  • Emotions

    Episode 7

    S3 E7 : Children experience many emotions. Let's learn about some of them including being happy, sad, angry and scared, with Adam and Mishmish

  • Directions

    Episode 8

    S3 E8 : Mishmish has disappeared! Where could he be? Let's look for him together and learn about directions (left, right, above, below, in front and behind)

  • Eid Cookies & Addition

    Episode 9

    S3 E9 : One of the most beautiful things about the holidays is visiting our family and friends. During those visits, one of our traditions is to give out delicious cookies, but sometimes, we can lose count of how many we've had. So let's join Adam and Mishmish on their visit this year and help th...

  • Celebrate Good Times

    Episode 10

    S3 E10 : It's time for Eid. All our family and friends are gathering, and we will celebrate with all our favorite food. Mamoul, Atayef, Kunaffeh, cake and so much more. The best way to celebrate is together. Let's get ready for Eid with Adam Wa Mishmish.