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Adam Wa Mish Mish

Adam Wa Mish Mish

3 Seasons

Adam Wa Mishmish helps children learn Arabic in a fun and easy way through song-based cartoons. Based on Adam, a playful 2-year-old boy who carries his favorite doll Mishmish with him everywhere he goes.

Adam Wa Mish Mish
  • Arabic Alphabet

    Episode 1

    S1 E1 : Learn the Arabic Alphabet with Adam and Mishmish. It was written to encourage children and adults to learn the alphabets in Arabic in a fun and easy way.

  • Numbers in Arabic

    Episode 2

    S3 E2 : Learn the numbers in Arabic from 1 to 10.

  • Animals in Arabic

    Episode 3

    S3 E3 : In this episode, learn the names of animals in the Arabic language with Adam and Mishmish

  • Shapes in Arabic

    Episode 4

    S2 E8 : In this episode, learn about shapes in the Arabic language with Adam and Mishmish

  • Transportation Wheels Go Round

    Episode 5

    S1 E2 : Learn about transportation vehicles with Adam and Mishmish. The bicycle, car, train and airplane.

  • The Sun & The Moon

    Episode 6

    S2 E7 : Let's learn about the relationship between the Sun and the Moon with morning and night time with Adam and Mishmish.

  • Thank You, You're Welcome

    Episode 7

    S2 E6 : Let's learn how we can show our gratitude with Adam and Mishmish.

  • Directions

    Episode 8

    S3 E8 : Mishmish has disappeared! Where could he be? Let's look for him together and learn about directions (left, right, above, below, in front and behind)

  • Dinosaurs

    Episode 9

    S2 E9 : We love Dinosaurs, and we know that you do too! Let's learn about 4 of them with Adam and Mishmish: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Apatosaurus

  • Emotions

    Episode 10

    S3 E7 : Children experience many emotions. Let's learn about some of them including being happy, sad, angry and scared, with Adam and Mishmish