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Abibi All

Abibi All

4 Seasons

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Abibi All
  • Sink or Float with Abibi!

    Episode 1

    S2 E1 : Abibi was making a well deserved refreshing drink. Suddenly, Abibi noticed something amazing! Let's investigate!

  • Volcano Eruption with Abibi!

    Episode 2

    S2 E2 : Do you know how a volcano erupts? Let's investigate with Abibi!

  • Abibi Lost His Keys!

    Episode 3

    S2 E3 : Oh No! Abibi's keys fell in the drain! Let's help Abibi get them back with ... magnets!

  • Captain Abibi Sails A Boat!

    Episode 4

    S2 E4 : Do you know what peppers are afraid of? Soap! You want to know why? Let's investigate!

  • Abibi's Birthday

    Episode 5

    S2 E5 : Happy Birthday Abibi! What are we going to do with these balloons? Pop it?!

  • Abibi Da Vinci

    Episode 6

    S2 E6 : What happens when you mix red and yellow? That's right! Orange. Abibi's favourite colour!

  • Abibi Investigate About Acids

    Episode 7

    S2 E7 : We know that acids are dangerous. But, did you know that some of our foods are also acidic? Let's investigate with Abibi!

  • DIY Lava Lamp with Abibi

    Episode 8

    S2 E8 : Do you want to know how to make a Lava Lamp? Let's do it together with Abibi!

  • Slime Time with Abibi

    Episode 9

    S2 E9 : Abibi loves making slime! Are you ready to make your own slime? Let's go!

  • Oobleck

    Episode 10

    S2 E10 : Have you ever seen oobleck before? You haven't? Well, join Abibi as he teaches us how to make some!