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Watch this video and more on Durioo+

EP 31: The Amoeba

5 Ke 7 Tahun • 13m

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  • EP 30: The 3 Tests

    Chip and his friends, and also the antimatter patrol that follows them, fall into the hands of an old atom of calcium, who does not want to let them go if they don’t pass the 3 tests correctly without any outside help. The antimatters, cheating, consult by radio with the Dr.No, and fail to overco...

  • EP 38: Alchemy Bay

    With a raft of zinc, Chip and his friends cross a sea, when they are captured by pirates who have a serious problem: the air and water oxidize the structure of the port where they keep a submarine. Chip, with the help of his chemistry book, solves their problem, and the pirates, in gratitude, ret...

  • EP 37: Isotopia

    In a town called Isotopia, some hydrogen atoms suffer some unexpected transformations: they are peaceful like they are aggressive. The alterations of character are produced by radiations from a nearby area. Chip, with the help of lead plates, which isolate the radioactivity, get the hydrogen of I...