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5 Ke 7 Tahun

5 Ke 7 Tahun

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5 Ke 7 Tahun
  • Manusia Pertama Yang Terbang

    Tahu tak manusia boleh terbang sebenarnya? Tak percaya? Abang Nuar tolong tunjukkan adik ni

  • Sakit Gigi

    Siti and her classmates are frightened when it's nearly their turn for their annual dental check up at school. Only Umar is confident about the state of his teeth, to the point he doesn’t stop eating sweets and chocolates! He soon learns his lesson after having his tooth extracted at the dentist

  • Cosmo, King Of Survival

    Cosmo, King Of Survival

  • Nabi Yunus Ditelan Ikan Nun

    Untuk episod kali ini, jom kita tengok sebab apa Nabi Yunus ditelan Ikan Nun? Tapi tahu tak Allah SWT tu Maha Penyayang. Jom kita belajar kisah Nabi Yunus!

  • Putting Away Your Toys

    Bim wants to play with his favourite toy plane, but how can he find it in all this mess?

  • EP 20: Magma

    An erupting volcano spills lava as Chip and his friends are saved at the last moment by a group of atoms of manganese. The antimatter patrol that followed Chip has climbed a hill and has been surrounded by lava.

  • Episode 18

    Ibn Battuta helps each of the three boys, and suggests that they ask their uncle to work in the stable that he owns until they find the horse. He agrees with their uncle to teach them.

  • Tempat Baru

    Che Nat sekeluarga berpindah ke rumah baru di Sentul. Anak-anaknya Siti dan Bain terpaksa menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran baru.

  • Zootropio

    Grown up is on the verge of finishing his new painting, but the children fight themselves among them and they make him cry. Sorry, they apologize and they decide to prepare to Adult a Wheel of life, so that Grown up recovers its habitual smile!

  • The Day Henry Met... A Gorilla

    Henry meets a friendly Gorilla. He's moved from the Jungle to the wildlife park for some peace and quiet but his next door neighbour, Tiger, is keeping him up all night. He's feeling a little under the weather so Henry becomes a Vet for the day to help him feel better.

  • Tolong-Menolong

    Dano dan rakan-rakannya membuat keputusan untuk pergi berkhemah. Apabila di kawasan perkhemahan, rakan-rakan tersebut membantu satu sama lain. Akhirnya, ia menjadi pengalaman yang akan diingati oleh semua.

  • To The Moon

    It’s another sunny day in the town of Everyday and Mya Go and her friends have built a spaceship in the garden.

  • Beware! Mosquitoes

    Hafiz Hafizah Series

  • Saya Benci Tidur Siang

    Comi dan Bebe bermain sepanjang hari tanpa berehat tetapi kini sudah tibanya waktu tidur siang dan kedua-duanya tidak mahu tidur. Mereka sudah mengantuk tetapi tidak mahu tidur dahulu.

  • EP 12: Kunci Membuka Bandar Dongdong

    Semasa mencari rahsia membuka dan menutup pintu Bandar Dongdong, sotong mutasi mendapat tahu bahawa kunci untuk membuka pintu Bandar Dongdong adalah melalui lagu si Beluga. Rojo mengarahkan sotong mutasi untuk menculik si Beluga. Namun begitu, sotong yang telah pergi ke bandar Dongdong untuk menc...

  • Gooaaal!

    Charlie hits the field to interview Soccer’s biggest stars! First up is ref’s Whistle, who turns out to be quite bossy and a little stuck in the rules. And then it’s Soccer Ball who, after proving to be rather modern, promises to break a record next to Charlie in a game of kick-ups. Will Charlie ...

  • Something Strange in the Forest

    Toto is walking in the forest and he sees some bushes moving suspiciously. He's found a Monster! Scared, he runs off looking for his friends. They then decide to compare the information to figure out what is hiding in the bushes.

  • I'm an Octopus

    We meet Octopus who explains that they are really smart and that they have very good senses. They use their ink cloud to defend themselves and distract preditors who want to eat them.

  • Kenyalang Terbang Tinggi

    Kenyalang yang cekal cuba mencabar dirinya untuk menakluki pokok tertinggi di rimba. Cubaan demi cubaan dibuat. Berjayakah Enggang?

  • EP 34: Mirages

    The desert causes mirages to the patrol of antimatter, and, believing they are visions some atoms of strontium that are carrying a load of salt attack them. The salt falls into a puddle of water and dissolves. Soon after, Chip and his friends, with the help of photonic rays, dry the water of the ...

  • Scooter

    Papa Brulee has bought a new scooter. Brulee decides to take it to the playground to show all her friends. The scooter is very popular with everyone, but somehow Brulee manages to lose the scooter somewhere in the park. Will she be able to find it again?