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4 Tahun Ke Bawah

4 Tahun Ke Bawah

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4 Tahun Ke Bawah
  • Walabi Berkaki Kuning

    Apakah yang melompat ke dalam taman? Eh, ia adalah walabi batu berkaki kuning—dan bayinya! Renjer Muda ke Australia untuk menghantar ibu dan anak walabi tersebut pulang. Alamak, tayar pancit pula!

  • Roda-Roda Bas (Nyanyi Bersama!)

    Lagu Popular Kanak-Kanak

  • Badan Saya

    Anda tahu apa yang anda boleh lakukan dengan anggota badan anda? Mari bersenam besama Little Ammar

  • Super Hedgie

    Pins has put on his special hero cape and is playing Super Hedgie, but when Nettie and the Narrator come along and catch him attempting to fly (and of course, failing), Pins becomes embarrassed and runs away.

  • The Day Henry Met... a Truck

    Today Henry meets a old tow truck who has always dreamed of being in a Monster Truck race but he has never been able to compete because he has small wheels. Henry becomes a mechanic and rebuilds him into a Monster Truck so he can enter the race.

  • Vikings

    Mya Go and her class are on an extra special class trip... To the Vikings exhibition!

  • Ha Ha Hyena

    Zizi is bored and after trying everything Gogo tells her to use her imagination like she always does. They see a hyena laughing at his own jokes. Zizi suggests they have a joke competition. They end up having so much fun, laughing and playing. Hyena tells Zizi that an adventure is not found bu...

  • The Penguin Dance

    Have you ever seen a penguin dancing here?

  • Good Morning Song

    Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Come on and enjoy the day!

  • Do-Re-Mi Sharks

    Special guest is at Baby Shark's house! It's Pinkfong! Come visit Baby Shark's house with Pinkfong!

  • Menunjuk Dengan Jari Telunjuk

    Baby nak mana satu? Jom tunjuk nak yang mana satu?

  • Insects

    Draw and colour interesting insects while learning some fun facts about them!

  • Meow - Lagu Bubu Lala


  • Please and Thank You

    Rin teaches Bim the courtesy of saying 'please' and 'thank you'.

  • Fingerprints Tell the Story - Story

  • Lili is Bored

    Lili is really bored and she goes looking for her friends, but everyone is going through a difficult situation. Gugu will help her understand that we may feel bad from time to time, but it's not a permanent situation.

  • The Lake Monster

    The ostrich discovers huge footsteps that bring her to the lake. There seems to be a monster in it.

  • Denise's Favourite Scarf

    Naomi's cousin, Denise, comes to the Drip Drop Forest to visit Naomi. The friends can't wait to meet her. But when Jili goes to shake hands with Denise, he gets a horrible stingy feeling in his hand! What exactly is going on?

  • Doing Housework

    It’s the end of the week and Brulee’s teacher has tells the class that for their homework this weekend, they must help their parents with housework. What kind of housework will Brulee and her friends complete?

  • Sports Day

    It’s another sunny day in the town of Everyday

  • Strong Winds

    When Lifter blows out the candle on her birthday cake, Cosmo and Sol finds she has amazing wind power. Sol loves wind! Lifter's gift is some wallpaper and some time alone to decorate her room, so the family head to Neptune in search of some real wind. On Neptune, Dad reveals he has brought just t...